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Michele Vreeland Live at Genghis Cohen March 21st 2012

Michele Vreeland heads back to perform live at Genghis Cohen on March 21st 2012. A 45 min set of acoustic music. Presenting new songs from her upcoming album. And playing a few favorites from her past EP “Never Not Myself”. This is an all ages show with a full restaurant and bar. Vreeland goes on [...]

Not just music, But Ideas, Dreams, and thoughts.

I just wanted to drop a little note to tell you all that I’m still here. Ha! I’ve been quietly and fervently writing here in my LA home. I have been thinking a lot about The future (2012- and beyond) , and the past ( mainly the 90’s).  I’ve been writing everyday. Not just music, But Ideas, Dreams, and thoughts in [...]

Hollywood Weekly Magazine 2 page spread

Michele Vreeland Hollywood Weekly Dec 2010

By Philip Cosores for the Hollywood Weekly magazine
Today’s contemporary artist are walking on unmapped land, where their craft has been devalued, their specialties oversaturated with talent, and their audience seemingly vanishing. For a woman like Michele Vreeland, whose life goal was to be a working artist, the future can seem [...]

Singer/Songwriter Extras! On the Nashville Scene.

Some numbers feature acoustic backgrounds with minimal production, while others employ echo effects with multiple textures and layers. Still, the arrangements and focus outline Vreeland’s driving, confident leads and solid singing and writing skills.

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