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New Music INXS Cover “Don’t Change” by Michele Vreeland

I recorded a new cover tune for ya! It’s called “Don’t Change” by INXS. It was first released in 1982 as INXS 2nd single. Fun “MV” fact. When I was 14 my BFF and I performed a dance on stage for a talent show to INXS’s music. Safe to say i’ve been a fan of [...]

Music News; Songs From Cali Girl can be heard on these shows!

Bring Me Up: Michele Vreeland “Wanted To Say”

 I just wanted to share with you all the latest Blog entry from Christy Mannering over at her Bring Me Up Blog. Just “wanted to say” (hehe) that its awesome that she took the time to post my song “Wanted To Say” and to include my profile in her post. And I’m looking forward in sharing my [...]

More Great Music And A Mission For Ya!!

Hey all!!
They are playing Wanted To Say on The DigiVegas Podsafe Showcase this week.
Go to www.digivegas.com, to see the play list.
Please encourage your fans, friends, and family to leave a comment on the Podcast Alley Page. They judge future airplay and interviews by audience response here. They like to play the music and talk to [...]

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