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Not just music, But Ideas, Dreams, and thoughts.

I just wanted to drop a little note to tell you all that I’m still here. Ha! I’ve been quietly and fervently writing here in my LA home. I have been thinking a lot about The future (2012- and beyond) , and the past ( mainly the 90’s).  I’ve been writing everyday. Not just music, But Ideas, Dreams, and thoughts in my journal. The creative energy is in full effect here in my house. Not sure why the sudden surge? Maybe I can attribute it to the fact I also have been really focus on all the things that I am grateful for. Trying hard to fill my time and thoughts of gratitude. Gratitude  for the many blessings that has come my way in through this journey of mine. Big and small.

Musically I’ve been obsessed with Billy Joel (70’s), Wings, (70’s), and Sinead O’Conner’s Album “I do not want what I havent got” (1989).

I would have to say next to The Smiths and Depeche Mode this was one of my most listened to albums during those years. So as to what life likes to do to us,  it has now come full circle and I can’t stop listening to this CD. SO many memories, Such a beautiful display of emotion and truth in a raw like form. Many of you may not know that I listen to songs, CD’s, and Movies over and over again. Like a little child wanting to watch their favorite CD or Movie over and over again. That’s me. When I get caught in a mood or thought. Its hard for me to let it go. Which makes me wonder why I pay for Cable?

I’ve been watching old Movies like The Odd Couple and I am now obsessed with Rock Hudson, Thank you Netflix! In some ways by diving into the past I am finding joy and beauty in that world. In a time of no cell phones, IPads, and Facebook. I’m finding solace and peace there. A remembered time of simplicity.   

I also cant get enough of the sound of the Frettless Bass. Bits of last year I have been doing secret shows with Gary Krolak through my Art, Music , And the Spoken word group. He is going through a bit of health issues and I pray he will recover and come back to me soon. I’m jonesing for his energy and sound. You can listen to us live at The Akademia by clicking this link here: Michele Vreeland and Gary Krolak \”Chateau Marmont\”

Here is a live digital painting done by Anita McLaughlin at one of our secret shows. So Sweet.



In Conclusion of all of this. I want to inspire you to take your own journey. Wherever it may lead you. And I look forward in seeing you there. As to my little world I’ve created for myself.  I hope to see you here too. Please stay tuned for more songs, shows, and creative musings. Thank you for being here, and playing a big part of my journey.

Xoxo M

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