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WHO IS Michele Vreeland

Propelled by an imaginative and restless spirit, she projects a vibrant mission of meaning, motivation, and magic. Listen to independent artist Michele Vreeland and be transformed.



Michele Vreeland Biography

An electrical aura of energy surrounds the music of singer/songwriter/producer Michele Vreeland and flows into songs that crystallize dreams, emotions and intentions.

These creative hues are diffused into the themes that comprise her latest single “Wild Horse”.  Michele draws upon personal experiences to offer a rousing anthem of encouragement. She boldly depicts the challenges faced by everyone who has ever had a dream. Vreeland takes you back to that first moment when that dream was everything and she reminds you of how it felt. Michele has a genuine gift for writing, her line, “Not everyone sees what my dream means to me,” resonates with truth as much as they sizzle with passion. As the song builds, Vreeland’s gentle, seraphic vocals crescendo into an exhilarating message urging you to stay wild and free and never stop listening to that voice inside. The songwriting on “Wild Horse” blazes with real insight.

Moving forward is what Michele Vreeland does best! Propelled by an imaginative and restless spirit, a curiosity about life and art, and the willing ability to share it with a growing audience, she projects a vibrant mission of meaning, motivation, and magic. With just the purity of her tone, she can awaken the miracles within. Listen to this indie pop artist and be transformed.


Advertisements & TV:

American Idol  song “ A Brand New Day”

The Queen Latifah Show song “ You’re My Sunny Day”

National AD for ADT song “Welcome To Your Life”

Fashion House

Access Hollywood

“You’re My Sunny Day” on The Queen Latifah Show

“It’s a Brand New Day” on American Idol

Listen to “Welcome To Your Life” (Song heard on ADT Security National AD) by Michele Vreeland

Notable Accomplishments:

Universal Music Group Singer/Songwriter/Composer for Film and TV

Female Singer-Songwriter of The Year LA Music Awards (2010 Nominated)

Music Connection Hot 100 List- Best Live Unsigned Artist (2009 and 2010)

LA Women In Music Comet Award (2009 Nominated)

Music Heard On American Idol

Shared Stages with 60’s Icon DONOVAN, Everclear, Clare Means, and Shane Alexander

LiveNation SXSW Showcase (Justin Timberlake’s 901 Tequila Stage).

Secured Sponsorships with Direct Sound Headphones, D’Addario Strings,

Luna Guitars, Planet Waves, & AromaStories.

Music heard on over 300 Radio Stations in the US and Canada.

Sounds Like:

Nahko (Medicine For The People)

FKA Twigs

Of Monsters And Men

Kate Nash


Houston Press: “….Contemplative…”

City Weekly: “Gorgeously ethereal vocals….a standout!”

Maverick: “…Magnificent!”

Music Connection: “….a powerful emotive force…”

Songwriters Monthly: “…breathstealingly beautiful collection of songs”

Rockwired Magazine: “….a big clear voice and sincerity as wide as a clear blue sky.”

New Artist Radio: “…..it’s only a matter of time before her star takes off!”


“Ya know, when you find a new restaurant with just the most outstanding food? You want to bring all of your friends there – it is not enough to tell them because they probably won’t go. So you have to hold their hand and walk them in. Well Michele is that restaurant, creative, interesting even delicious are words that could describe her music. She is a cross between Pete Townshend, Eddie Van Halen and Jeff Beck. OK not really, just seeing if you are paying attention. There seems to be a disconnect between her brain and her hands. Initially, this may sound unusual or negative – on the contrary, when you watch her hands and her fingers, you feel that they have a mind of their own. They know where to go, what to do when they get there and how long to stay – and always with a calm fluid motion. Her voice accompanies her hands with precision and beauty. Another enjoyable evening with friends that all came to hear Michele Vreeland. If I have to describe in a colorless manner, I would just say “You Gotta See Her!!”

Dane (Facebook Fan)


“Michele Vreeland is an inspiring twist of pop music with a touch of New Age. Very uplifting and enjoyable for people of all ages. Her mystical voice is both powerful and timeless. Cali Girl features a powerful uplifting single entitled A Brand New Day, if the title itself doesn’t move you the catchy lyrics definitely will. I had the amazing opportunity to see her perform live at a venue in North County Sandiego. She is just as brilliant live as she is in the studio.”

Josuha (Facebook Fan)


“I really love your song “Chateau Marmont”! It’s Nostalgic. It really brings back very happy memories for me. It’s very romantic. I remember times past in my life and I’m tingling, it just makes me tingle. I’m in 10th Heaven, I skipped over the 9. It’s a wonderful song and I hope everyone enjoys it”.

Dane (Facebook Fan)


“Michele has a magic touch. Her music touches your heart from start to finish. Truly inspirational and magical. The voice of an angel that helps you through this rollercoaster of life. Well worth a listen and a download. Fan for life right here.”

Michael Orea (Facebook Fan)


“Michele Vreeland’s song “Wild Horse” evokes so many emotions. The video, the music and her wonderful range of voice is excellent. But her lyrics of inspiration, renewal and never giving up, no matter what a person’s age or stage in life and capping it off with both metaphor and video of a wild horse puts it over the edge. Well done Michele Vreeland!”

Jonathan David Neal (Facebook Fan)


“Michele’s music is amazingly beautiful. As I run the lyrics of her most recent single “Wild Horse” through my head, I am reminded of previous employers that (either positively or negatively) referred to me as a Maverick. As I get older I have been struggling with what will be next in my life. This song is an inspiration to keep that Maverick spirit and follow my heart.”

Ben Cole (Facebook Fan)


“I’ve always been in love with Michele’s beautiful voice. She has a special way to soothe your soul.”

Tarrish Potter (Facebook Fan)


“Congratulations  beautiful video , I love your stunning and wonderful voice most special is your heart of gold.”

Angie Santos (Facebook Fan)


“I love your music, and I love You sweety � Thank you for everything over the years � Xoxo”

Hannah S Bye- Facebook Fan




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